Someday I’ll get around to filling this in properly. Right now, I’m finding it hard to write an “About Me” and not have it read like a personal’s ad…

3 Responses to About

  1. susanne woyciechowicz says:

    I am a women in her 60’s wanting to go to Mongolia and not on a super quick organized tour..maybe a month…having trouble getting it going and enjoyed the information gleaned in your blog. Thanks for writing it and I will try and bookmark or subscribe. I wonder how long you will be there? I would like to come the summer of 2014.

    • eelevol says:

      Hello Susanne,
      I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful. If you have any specific questions about Mongolia, I’d be happy to answer them. I should be leaving Peace Corps service in June or July of 2014, but there will be many other PCVs and ex-pats here who could answer your questions. Good luck with planning that trip—it is sure to be amazing!

  2. Marcus says:

    Hi Love,

    I have been enjoying your blog about your experiences in Mongolia. It is particularly of interest given that I will soon be joining your ranks in Mongolia this summer (as an M25). If you have the time and interest, I have a few questions regarding your experience as I prepare to embark in May. My email address is marcuskeely@gmail.com.

    Thank you for considering.


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