deel video

Mentioning my M22 site-mate, Brittany, at the end of my Tsagaan Sar post was supposed to remind me to include a link to this video that she made last spring. It’s a collection of images of people in various stages of putting on the traditional Mongolian deel (totally G-rated!), set to the song The Hardest Button to Button. In the case of the deel, that likely refers to the button under the armpit but can also be those pesky buttons at the neck. It closes with an image of a water tank with some surprising graffiti: “Welcome to My Hood” written in English. The video is just under two minutes long, and, yes, you can catch a few glimpses of me, but I recommend you watch it because Britt put a lot of work into it and it deserves a wider audience.

And as long as I’m promoting videos, here‘s another one that was put together from some Mongolia PCVs the year before. This one is a straight up dance video (>3 min) showcasing Mongolians and Volunteers from the city of Erdenet. Such fun! I watched it multiple times before coming and each time I focused on something else: the clothes, the weather, the buildings, the snow, the cows, the people. Then, I met some of those people during PST… they were awesome.


2 Responses to deel video

  1. Kathy P. Willis says:

    Those involved did a great job on both videos! What fun 🙂 Really enjoyed them.

  2. Priscilla A. Arsenault says:

    I agree w/A. Kathy, the people who starred in and put the videos together, they did a wonderful job, looks like they had a lot of fun doing it and I’m sure it was a lot of work. I was disappointed I couldn’t leave any comments on the 2nd one, had a message that said: “Comments are disable for this video.” Oh well. Thanks for sharing, it was fun looking for you during the 1st video, the one little snippet of you cracking up (I think when you’re unbuttoning?) is priceless! BTW, perfect song to go w/that video.

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