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January 27, 2014

After my last post, I thought it’d be interesting for you, dear reader, to have a glimpse into my cell phone inbox. These are very typical questions and every time I read one I am reminded how much language equals culture, how vast our vocabulary is (i.e., how many words of little utility we have) and also how much emphasis is put on grammar when the point can get across regardless.

From the rare teacher who breaks from the textbook:
We are solving crossword…… Campbell is the top model from Britain. The word beginning “n” 5letters. (So, because I speak English, I know the key players of the UK fashion industry. But, of course, I did know.)

From the teachers who don’t understand the cultural aspects of the textbook:
-good morning. what is the mean cheyenne region
-hi? Can you help me, Crysler Building and yellow cabs are in New York. But what is meaning the words crysler and cabs?
-Hi. Can you help me, please? What do debut, entertainer mean?
(Is there a more useless word to learn/teach than “debut”? Seriously, how often does one use this word?)
-hi? how is your weekend? what does peer pressure mean?

From the teacher continuing to improve her English with books of questionable accuracy:
hi. good evening what is it? take the 2nd turning on the right
-good evening. I’m sorry. What is the difference next and then
-hi. love. which is correct I am at home/home
-hi. sorry what is the mean? your passport must beach at 8 characters

From the medical college English teacher:
Hey what does q 2 h mean eg monitor temperature q 2 h (thanks to my previous work in hospitals, I could answer this)

The appreciation:
-thank you very much. you are very kind and friendly person.
-teacher. i can count on you. please make my life bright. have a good night.