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It’s been longer than I realized since you were last invited To Mongolia with Love, and yet, I’ve been writing lots… Through the Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools program, which matches Peace Corps Volunteers around the world with American classrooms,  I’ve been communicating with a school in Minnesota. It is a wonderful opportunity for American students to see the world through the eyes of another American, since we, presumably, have a similar foundation for cultural norms and expectations. That is, American Volunteers will be better able to identify the cultural similarities and differences, than if you were to ask someone from the host country.

Maybe you’ve had a curiosity, but hadn’t turned it into a question. Maybe you’ve been a loyal follower of this blog and something I’ve written has struck you, in a good or bad way. Maybe you just want to know everything, making any one question insufficient. Well, these kids have done the work for you. I’ve found their questions to allow me to revisit some of what I’ve written, to force me to think of things I hadn’t thought of, and to reflect on my experiences after time has passed.

The direct link to the current content is here . But as the other classes are added, you’ll want to go here and choose the group of questions from the dropdown menu (by hovering over 2013 Peace Corps Correspondent Match – Mongolia).



4 Responses to the other blog

  1. Well, I’ll forgive you-your transgressions. LOL And I will check into it all later. Love reading Love! Of course. Of Coarse! Thanks for explaining. Life happens and we have to get carried along forward or change. And this is good. To move ahead. To improve. You’re stunning at what you endeavor to do. I’m pleased. Very much. Thanks.

  2. Priscilla A. Arsenault says:

    I enjoyed all the Q & As between you and the Minnesota AP students (I’m assuming they’re High School students, ’cause of the “AP Geography”). Here’s a Q from me: Do they get to see any of the wonderful, beautiful, informative, interesting, etc. pictures you’ve posted on FB from Mongolia? I know I can view them as a “friend” of yours on FB, but was curious if these kids, or really anyone following your regular blog can view them. Combined w/your words, they really help those of us following your story to get a better picture of you, what you’re doing, going through, experiencing. Love you!

    • eelevol says:

      I made my albums public so that folks who click the links from the blog will be able to see them, even without being friends on FB. This excludes the one exterior shot of my apartment, only friends can see that one.

  3. Kathy Willis says:

    Hey there little niece – always informative, never disappointed. Love your blog, love you.

    Priscilla asked a good question, but perhaps if they can’t view the pictures, they’ll more readily be willing to “buy the book” when it comes out – hee, hee. (Of course MY thought about your blog becoming a book someday will most definitely include pictures.)

    ~ ❤ Aunt Kathy~

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